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Georgist Gild -Council of Georgist Organizations conference to be held in Pittsburg, Pa.

Georgist Gild
It’s summertime and the living is easy. We are now planning for the months ahead.

Everyone should know  about this year’s conference of the Council of Georgist Organizations to be held in Pittsburgh, Pa. from August 6-10.


Centennial Celebration and Mourning
1913 it was the best of years, it was the worst of years. It was the year of Pittsburgh’s Land Value Tax; it was the year the United States  income tax. It was the first years of the US Georgist Victory; it was the year the greatest Georgist Schism. Come to Pittsburg to celebrate the 100 years of the land value tax in Pennsylvania and to mourn 200 years of income tax that was supposed to fall only on the rental income.  for more information, call Mike Curtis if you are interested in attending.

The 106th Arden Fair will be early this year on Saturday August 31. We will also provide any information, books, conversation on or about Henry George and his ideas. In addition we will be selling balloons and need volunteers to help inflate, tie on ribbons and walk through the Fair to sell them. Please call Sadie 475-1745.

Also check out this website for some fascinating thoughts and ideas put together by Ed Dodson for the web:

We have many new residents in the Ardens who are interested in The Georgist Gild and learning more about Henry George and the Ardens. We will hold seminars and classes coming up his fall. Plaese call Sadie 475-1745 for more information.

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