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Georgist Gild at the Arden Fair

IMG_2791The Georgist Gild Booth IMG_0799e .IMG_4712

Visit the Georgist Gild booth at the Arden Fair to learn about the history of the Ardens and the founding economic principles set forth by Henry George. Find out about all the Georgist Gild seminars, films, and classes and more at the booth which is located across from the entrance to the Gild Hall and next to the T-shirt booth. for more information call Sadie 302 475-1745

The Rental Value of Arden’s lands

The Georgist Gild presents:

The rental value of Arden’s lands
Wednesday, September 11 At 7:30 P.M. Buzz Ware Village Center

Come and see the latest independent assessment of the rental value of land in each of Arden’s 198 leaseholds.
The rental value of land measures the advantages that attach to each parcel of land.  It measures the benefits received from society, including the local community, and it measures the relative value of one parcel of land to another.

It is clear that the socialistic philosophy of taxing income and sales (consumption) have not delivered the promise of a job for everyone who is willing and able to work at a wage that increases with productivity.  Nor did it do anything to prevent the world wide recession in which the rate of employment and home ownership have not yet recovered.  Therefore, the Arden system of land rent for revenue is exceptionally relevant to the country, and an accurate method of assessment is most important.

At a time when The Economist magazine is touting land value taxation because it doesn’t kill jobs or increase the price of goods and services but actually stimulates the economy by encouraging people to use their land, it seems all the more important that an accurate method of assessing the rental value of land be understood.

Call Sadie 302 475-1745 for more information

September’s Scholars Gild Discussion – September 17

September’s Scholars Gild Discussion

“Creativity and Innovation: Evolutionary versus Revolution”  
Lead by Peter Compo

Tuesday evening, September 17 at 7:30 (Lower Gild Hall) 

What do Archaeopteryx and Little Richard have in common?

Everyone has seen a picture of the Archaeopteryx, the animal from 150 million years ago that was the “missing link” between birds and the dinosaurs that they evolved from. It had feathered wings for flight, a wishbone and a beak. Yet it also had teeth, a bony tail and claws in the middle of its wings.  It was a much a bird as it was a dinosaur; a transitional species.

Little Richard was a transitional species too. He was one of the links between the jazz age and the rock age.  His 1957 hit Tutti Frutti had the drummer still playing in a swing /shuffle jazz style and the bass player still used a stand-up jazz bass, but the piano and vocals were rock all the way.

Though Darwin recognized it himself, there is now a growing awareness that culture evolves just as biological species do.  Music and the arts, scientific discovery, language, technology and countless other aspects of our culture evolve through an analogue to natural selection.  

Peter Compo will present his work showing why this view of culture is so important, how creativity and innovation are evolutionary processes, not visionary, and how we can use evolutionary models to drive creativity and innovation and many other good things.

We will be in the lower Gild Hall on Tuesday, September 17 at 7:30 PM. Join Peter and the Scholars Gild for this discussion. If you are interested in receiving email announcements from the Scholars Gild, please send a request to include your name and email address.