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“Race, Class and American Democracy”

This program rescheduled from January due to weather

May Scholar’s Gild Discussion

Tuesday, May 20; 7:30 PM

Lower Gild Hall

“Race, Class and American Democracy”

                Along lines of Class, we are now more unequal economically than at any earlier point in American History. Along lines of Race, we are now more segregated than we were at the time of the Brown v Board of Education decision. Historically, the social conditions of race and class have been inseparably intertwined, typically working to undermine the fullest expression of America’s democratic possibilities.

                Are you concerned – or even just curious, interested — in these current patterns of inequality, and the consequent deleterious effects on the scope and character of American democracy? Would you like to learn and/or discuss how these social realities have evolved over time? Are there viable political options available to begin to address more fully and successfully these worsening conditions along lines of race and class?

                If you are concerned or simply interested – join the Scholar’s Gild discussion scheduled for Tuesday, May 20, in the Lower Gild Hall.  John Martin will lead the discussion on these and related matters.

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May 2014 Newsletter

2014 May Newsletter Final


Original Spoken Word Poetry in Arden!

Spring Time for Poets!

<<Please be advised, Poetry Meeting times have changed>>

We will be holding a Poetry Gild reading and meeting on Tuesday, April 29th.

The Reading will begin at 8:00pm in the Backstage Gallery connected to the Arden Gild Hall. Just go to the left of the building and up the stairs to the Gallery.

The business meeting will now occur after the reading for those who wish to stay and participate.

*Please bring original spoken word poetry to showcase for the group, and/or a poem by one of your favorite poets to share.

HOMEWORK: Send anonymous Postcard Poetry to The Poetry Gild c/o The Arden Club, 2126 The Highway, Arden DE 19810. Get out those old dusty ancient postcards. Postage is now 34 cents, so do this quick, before it changes again.

You may also bring refreshments for the group to share.
A suggested donation of $2 will be happily accepted to help with gild operations.

We still have Arden Poetry Chat books for sale!

Writers and Poets: “You are welcome hither!”