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May 2015 Discussion

“How did that regulation get there?”

Tuesday, May 19

Bratten Room in Lower Gild Hall

7:30 PM

Please join the Scholars Gild as we welcome Annie Gutsche, to our May 19 discussion about how the regulatory process works.

Regulations affect almost every aspect of our lives, but few of us stop to think about them – until perhaps one day a regulation is a help or a burden to you.  What are regulations? What is the process used to develop them at the federal level?  What are the opportunities for stakeholders, including you, interested members of the public, to be involved in the development of regulations?  Regulations are always evolving, so understanding the regulatory process can help you voice your opinion on how and what our government regulates.

Annie Gutsche received her BS from UC Berkeley in 1987, continuing on to a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in 1995.  She started work as a researcher in DuPont’s Central Research and Development in 1998, then moved to DuPont Pioneer to work in Regulatory Affairs.  As part of her responsibilities, Annie interacts with a number of US agencies, including USDA, EPA and FDA.  And, let us not forget, Annie is the current Chair of the Village of Ardentown.

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