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November 17th Scholars Gild Discussion – 7:30 PM

Tuesday, November 17

Lower Arden Gild Hall

7:30 PM

“Motions:  What are they and should we worry about them”

Please join the Scholars Gild at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, November 17, when our discussion will be lead by Mr. Jonathan M Jacobs, Parliamentary Consultant. Mr. Jacobs will present the concepts and practice of parliamentary motions.  We will cover main motions, what they can do, how they are made, and common secondary motions that are likely to be encountered at a meeting. These concepts and practices play a critical role in understanding the operation of legislative bodies, including the town meetings of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft.

Jonathan M. Jacobs, Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Certified Professional Parliamentarian, was born in Natrona Heights, PA; he has resided in Philadelphia since 1992.  Mr. Jacobs has served as a parliamentary consultant since 1998.  His clients run the gamut from local groups to international organizations, for which he provides a wide range of services.

A member of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and the Pennsylvania Association of Parliamentarians, Inc. (PAP) since 1987, and the local Delaware Valley Unit of NAP, Jacobs was registered in 1995 and professionally registered in 1999.  A member of the American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP) since 1995; he was certified in 2000 and professionally certified in 2012.  Mr. Jacobs was the President of the PAP in 2012-14, and is currently serving as its parliamentarian and historian.

The Scholars Gild discussions are held at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of the month (except July and August) in the lower Gild Hall. If you would like to receive email notifications and reminders, contact the Scholars Gild via  Title your email “Scholars Gild Request” and include your name, comments, and request in the body of the email.



Arden Library Gild hosts “Authors of the Ardens”

In association with the Arden Craft House Museum, the Arden Library is pleased to announce the availability of a strong collection of books written by our Arden residents, beginning October 25th, 2015:
•Jill Althouse-Wood
•Rob Bryan
•Linda Eaton
•Sadie Somerville
•Harry Themal



As well as volumes by those who have lived in our community but are no longer with us:
•Scott Nearing
•Ross Santee
•Upton Sinclair
•Bill Frank
•Russell Peterson
•Ross Santee



Our “Authors of the Ardens” exhibit collection will be maintained as reference in parallel with the Craft Museum exhibit, but will be available for check out in a few months.

Current Arden residents' books.

Current Arden residents’ books.


Lots more information


For more about the long history of Shakespeare in Arden, reservations for our summer show, seating, directions to the Field Theater, what you should bring to an outdoor performance, past productions, year-round activities and who we are, visit the Shakespeare Gild home page.