Scholars Gild December 2014 / January 2015

The Scholars Gild has two very interesting discussion topics coming up in the months of December and January.  Our discussions are held 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of the month in the Bratten Room, lower Gild Hall. If you would like to receive email notifications and reminders, contact the Scholars Gild at  Title your email “Please Add” and include your name in the body of the email.

Come join us for what is sure to be informative and lively conversations!

December 16: What role should Art have in Society?

Curator and artist Maiza Hixson will present her curatorial perspective and lead the discussion for the December Scholars’ Gild in Arden. Hixson will discuss contemporary curating as a form of advocacy for living artists. She will also address how her curatorial practice combines education and social engagement to involve the public in a meaningful dialogue about art and culture.

Bio:  Maiza Hixson is the Gretchen Hupfel Curator of Contemporary Art at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts (DCCA). She is also founder of the SHAFT Space with Lauren Ruth. Hixson has extensive museum and curatorial experience, having worked for the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia as well as serving as associate curator of the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati and curatorial fellow in the Contemporary Art Department at the J.B. Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. Her curatorial work was recently featured in the People’s Biennial.


January 20: Just how does the Election Process work? 

Interested in American elections and/or the American electoral process? Come join us for a presentation and discussion led by Karl Agne, a professional political consultant, election analyst and board member of DE Common Cause. Karl has decades-long, direct and professional experience in this arena and is looking forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge and engage in conversation with all those who are in attendance!

Karl will discuss the recently concluded 2014 mid-term elections (a ‘post-mortem’) and the implications they have for the upcoming 2016 Presidential-year contest. In addition, he is open to a discussion on a wide range of electoral –related topics, including the role of political consultants in elections.


Delaware, the Water State

Arden Scholars Gild to Discuss

Tuesday, November 18 at 7:30 PM

Lower Gild Hall

Delaware, the Water State

Delaware is a water state.  The First State is surrounded by water as the lowest state in the Union and one of just three states on a peninsula. Watersheds contribute $2 to $6 billion and 70,000 direct and indirect jobs annually to the state’s economy from the tourism, agriculture, industrial, recreation, and water supply sectors.  It is essential to invest in clean and plentiful water supplies as the basis of Delaware’s ecological economy.

At the Scholars Gild November discussion, Prof. Jerry Kauffman will lead our discussion on the evolution of water policies in Delaware, the current status, and the future direction.

Bio – Gerald J. Kauffman, Ph.D.

Jerry Kauffman is Director of the University of Delaware Water Resources Agency and holds secondary faculty appointments in the School of Public Policy and Administration and Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.  He provides water science and policy assistance to governments in Delaware and the Delaware Valley through the land-grant public service, education, and research role of the University of Delaware. Dr. Kauffman holds degrees from the only two land grant institutions with Colonial roots in America and is writing a book on “Sustainable Watershed Management” under contract with John Wiley and Sons.  Jerry received the Conservationist of the Year Award from the Delaware Nature Society and drinks the water from the White Clay Creek National Wild and Scenic River in Newark, Delaware.

October Scholars Gild Discussion

Arden Scholars Gild to Discuss
Tuesday October 21 at 7:30 PM
Lower Gild Hall

Zero tolerance discipline in our schools: the impact on access to quality education

One of the top three strategic priorities for the ACLU of Delaware is to ensure equal access to quality education for all Delaware children. Zero tolerance discipline policies in schools are a major obstacle to equal access because they have a disparate impact on special needs students and students of color, especially African American boys. This conversation will touch on both national and local efforts to deduce the impact of zero tolerance discipline.

Kathleen MacRae—Short Bio

Kathleen MacRae is the executive director of the ACLU of Delaware since 2010. She began her career with the ACLU at the New Mexico affiliate as the Director of Development in 2008. She serves on the board of directors of Equality Delaware, Inc. and Common Cause, Delaware Chapter.

Kathleen has a Master’s Degree in social work from Rhode Island College and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rhode Island. She has a wide range of experience in small business consulting, non-profit management, strategic planning, legislative advocacy and communications. Before joining the ACLU, she led the effort to eliminate the death penalty in New Mexico as the executive director of the New Mexico Coalition to Repeal the Death Penalty. In March 2009, after a 10 year effort, New Mexico’s death penalty was abolished.

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