Georgist Gild 2014 programs

January 21 Class canceled due to snow

meet next Tuesday January 28

Just two sessions!

Why Land Value Taxation?
Why The Single Tax?

Follow the complete analysis of
Henry George’s Progress & Poverty

If, its never been explained to you; If, you’ve had trouble explaining it; this program is for you.

Presenter: Mike Curtis

Tuesday, January 21st 7:30 – 9 P.M. Sorry Canceled due to snow 

and Tuesday, January 28 th 7:30 – 9 P.M.

Where: Buzz Ware Village Center, Arden

More info: Mike Curtis (302) 475-5670

Feb. 4 – March 11 Seminar U.S. jobs & International Trade

Henry George Protection or Free Trade taught by Rodney Jester and Mike Curtis

More info: Mike Curtis (302) 475-5670 /

Assessors Workshop- October 8th

The Georgist Gild presents an

Assessors Workshop

Tuesday, October 8th

at 7:30 P.M., Buzz Ware Village Center

Presenter: Mike Curtis

Welcome Assessors and prospective Assessors from Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft, and anyone else who is interested

How to determine the relative value of each lot to all others — size, shape, proximity to different types of parkland, and traffic laden roads will be explored.

It will cover theory, application, and an actual assessment of the rental value of Arden’s leasehold lands.

This will be the second time this presentation has been made, and as such, it will cover a little more of the history of the full rental value in Arden, and a little more time will be spent on the process of capitalization and annualization, and how the prevailing rate of interest affects the rental value of land.

Mike presenting Land Rent Seminar at CGO Conference

Mike presenting Land Rent Seminar at CGO Conference

Please call Mike Curtis 475-5670 for more information on the workshop

Or Information on the Georgist Gild Sadie 475-1745

Georgist Gild at the Arden Fair

IMG_2791The Georgist Gild Booth IMG_0799e .IMG_4712

Visit the Georgist Gild booth at the Arden Fair to learn about the history of the Ardens and the founding economic principles set forth by Henry George. Find out about all the Georgist Gild seminars, films, and classes and more at the booth which is located across from the entrance to the Gild Hall and next to the T-shirt booth. for more information call Sadie 302 475-1745