Readings at Arden Library Gild

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    Readings for Children, and the Young at heart – Saturday after Dinner (7pm):

Children reading in the Arden Library

  • January 9 – Tanya Lazar
  • January 16 — Ruth Bean
  • January 23 – Gerry Konzelmann
  • December 5 – Jennifer Curley
  • December 19 — Valerie Hutchinson



    Local Authors readings for the public:

  • December 12 — Maria de los Santos & David Teague

Santos & Teague

Arden Library Gild hosts “Authors of the Ardens”

In association with the Arden Craft House Museum, the Arden Library is pleased to announce the availability of a strong collection of books written by our Arden residents, beginning October 25th, 2015:
•Jill Althouse-Wood
•Rob Bryan
•Linda Eaton
•Sadie Somerville
•Harry Themal



As well as volumes by those who have lived in our community but are no longer with us:
•Scott Nearing
•Ross Santee
•Upton Sinclair
•Bill Frank
•Russell Peterson
•Ross Santee



Our “Authors of the Ardens” exhibit collection will be maintained as reference in parallel with the Craft Museum exhibit, but will be available for check out in a few months.

Current Arden residents' books.

Current Arden residents’ books.