Young Actors Showcase on DVD

What a great showcase this year! Our best ever? The performance DVD should be arriving soon. The projected date for mailing is March 10, but it could be sooner. There is still time to order your DVD from OK Video by going to their website at . The price is $20 if you order by March 6. After that date, you can still get a DVD, but the cost will go up.

Thank you to all the amazing directors, helpful parents, Gild Hall regulars for all the little details that make the show possible. And a standing ovation for our actors!

– Cecilia Vore, managing director or whatever

Richard II Auditions March 10 & 11

See the Shakespeare Gild page for audition advice, and audition form and rehearsal calendar, and more.

Seating & Reservations

Seating for and outdoor performance is on wooden benches with backs. A seat cushion will make your experience a lot more comfortable (as will insect repellent). There is also “groundling” seating on the ground (naturally) in front of the stage. You will need to bring a blanket or a low beach chair if you want to sit there. Ticket prices are the same. All seating is general seating (no assigned seats), but you can make a reservation for space on the benches. We will hold space for you until 15 minutes before showtime.

To make a reservation, call (302) 475-3126

or send us an email at: