Make a Donation to the Arden Club


Dear Friends of the Arden Club

Thank you for your support of the Arden Club. Because of all your efforts and contributions, we have been able to provide all the special programs and activities that enrich our community.

Please consider an end of the year tax-deductible donation to help us continue the many wide-ranging activities and opportunities we offer, and to help maintain the historic Gild Hall.

This year our biggest fundraiser, the Arden Fair, fell well below projections because the remains Hurricane Harvey decided to pay us a visit and make for a pretty miserable day. Arden Club dues, ticket sales, dinners, rentals, grants and the Arden Fair do not support all the expenses of running these activities along with operating the Gild Hall. We could really use your financial help.  Your contribution will provide Arden Club members and the general public of all ages the opportunity to….

    • enjoy world-class concerts provided by the Concert Gild
    • experience Gilbert and Sullivan by the Ardensingers
  • see classic productions of the Shakespeare Gild and The Young Actors Workshop
  • learn new steps and dance with the many Folk Gild classes and events
  • listen, learn, discuss, and exchange ideas with the Scholars Gild
  • enjoy the poetry and prose of the Writers Gild
  • learn and play the game of Bridge with the Bridge Gild
  • participate in the various activities and trips provided by the Gardeners Gild
  • be part of our community Saturday Night Dinners
  • explore the many literary offerings available in the Library
  • relax and take a swim in the pool, take pride in our Arden Sharks swim team

For the past 110 years, the Arden Club has been a vigorous, all volunteer organization serving the entire region.  Many generations have participated in the varied activities of the Arden Club. With your help, we will be able to start the next year as a vibrant and financially strong organization. Thank you in advance for your tax-deductible contribution and remember to act, dance, read, listen, swim, and think deeply.

Best wishes and Happy Holidays from The Arden Club!

Please send a check to:
Arden Club Annual Fund
2126 The Highway
Arden. DE 19810


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Thank You!