Dinner Gild

The Dinner Gild contributes to the strong sense of community among the residents of The Ardens, members of the Arden Club, and their guests, by providing opportunities to share wholesome, inexpensive meals in a neighborhood environment.  Bringing together our love of the arts, food, music, and most importantly, friendship.


May 5:  Cinco de Mayo Elise Vincent and friends will prepare Chicken Mole (now sold out)

May 12:  The Writers Gild will prepare Lasagna with a salad and dessert

May 19:   Annie Gutsche’s famous Chinese noodles with peanut sauce!


Call 302-792-7139 or email (adgreservations@gmail.com) by 6:00 p.m. Thursday. 

Permanent diner reservations are also available.

Dinner is served at 6:00 p.m. from the first Saturday in October to the third Saturday in May in the Lower Gild Hall and Bratten Room. 


A snapshot of each week’s menu is provided in the Club’s Monthly Newsletter, Arden Club Calendar .   A link to online copies of these newsletters are located on the upper right side of this page.  

Additionally, a detailed description of the menu is provided on our Dinner Reservation Line (302-792-7139) the weekend before.

When reserving your dinner(s), please specify if you are ordering the vegetarian alternative.

Bring wine if you like (over 21 only, please), glasses available.

Arden Club members: $11
Nonmembers: $13
Child’s size: $6

Seating is limited. Carry-outs are available.

Please remember our no-show policy – if you cannot come to the dinner, cancel your reservation before Thursday at 6:00 p.m. or you will be billed.

Parking is limited and is shared with patrons attending events in the Gild Hall and the Buzz Ware Village Center across the street. So, if possible, please carpool, walk, or bike.

Contact Us:

Gildmaster Edmond Bischoff at 302- 593-3592 or Gildmistress Claire Ennis @adgreservations@gmail.com with questions or concerns. 

For scheduling and menus contact Laura Wallace, 302-743-5939.

Additional Information:

The Dinner Gild has several Facebook sites:

The Arden Dinner Gild

This is our current Facebook site with postings and photographs submitted by our Cooking Teams and Diners from September 2012 to just last week.

The Arden Dinner Gild Archive

This was our first Facebook site, with postings and photographs of our dinners from September 2009 to September 2012.

The Bored Gild

This site has a collection of the wonderful Chalkboard Art that David Yoder graces our dining room with each week.