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On Saturday, March 3rd, Gordon Hesse

Gordon Hesse, Arden Author

A big thank you to Gordon Hesse, Arden author of Island Beach:  a Sonnet in the Sands, for sharing his extensive knowledge and history of this wonderful and historic natural treasure.

This stunning barrier island state park borders the Atlantic Ocean and Barnegat Bay at the central Jersey Shore, displaying seasonal changes that continue to fascinate.

The evening provided us with an early “taste” of summer at the shore!

On Friday, Friday, April 13th at 7:30 area New York Times bestselling author and poet, Marisa de los Santos, read from her newest book.

Thank you to Marisa de los Santos, author of I’ll Be Your Blue Sky set on the lower Delaware Bay, in a guest house inherited from a woman she barely knew before receiving the house from her, our heroine explores the human layers between 1950’s and the present and the connections that bind us together.

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