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The Scholars Gild


Notice effective 3/24/2020

Per Governor Carney’s “Stay-At-Home Orders”, all public gatherings of Arden Club & Gild activities, including Scholars Gild events, are canceled through May 15th, or until the public health threat is eliminated.  Check back here for periodic updates.

Please practice all good health safety practices and stay healthy!

A gild of the Arden Club, the Scholars Gild explores and discusses topics of interest to the gild members and those of the community.  Each month a different topic is presented and discussed.  We have covered topics ranging from issues of poverty and race to the culture of  Native American tribes of the lower Delaware River valley, to the current research on how the immune system works, and much, much more.

The mission of the Scholars Gild is to provide an environment where those attending can learn about an interesting subject and participate in a free-flowing discussion on the subject.  Our monthly discussions are like having a conversation with our friends and family on an interesting subject in our living room with an expert in the room.

Visit our blog on this website to see the upcoming discussion topic.

Our Discussions

The Arden Scholars Gild holds regular monthly discussions at 7:30 pm on the third Tuesday’s of the month (except July and August).  Our discussions are held in the lower Gild Hall.  These discussions are open to all. Other programs are periodically held which are aligned with our mission.  These events are held at other times and locations.

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Our History – The “new” Arden Scholars Gild

In February, 2010, the Arden Club Board unanimously approved the creation of the new Scholars Gild. Some people don’t see this as the creation of a new gild but the resurrection of an old one. According to oral history, the Club had a Scholars Gilds in the 1930’s and again in the 1950s and 1960s.

As a quick summary, the Village of Arden was founded on three pillars: Arts & Crafts, planned community, and Henry George’s single tax. The Georgist Gild covers the latter; the Scholars Gild will (as currently conceived) explore the ideas, concepts, and thinking on arts, crafts, and community as they impact the Ardens and our broader community today.  This concept represents our starting point. We expect the gild to evolve over time.

The creation of the new Scholars Gild was easy. Some 35 members in good standing signed a petition that was presented to the Arden Club Board of Directors at their January meeting. (Only 15 signatures were required.) The petitioners confirmed their support of the gild and their willingness to sustain it. Also presented was a statement of purpose, goals and objectives, and financial responsibilities.

  • Purpose: The purpose of the New Scholars Gild is to promote scholarly dialog among members of the Gild, the Arden Club and the broader community, by bringing in learned people on subjects of interest and importance to the community.
  • Goals and Objectives: The New Scholars Gild will produce and promote lectures open to the general public on subjects and by lecturers selected by Gild members. These lectures will increase participants’ knowledge and awareness of the selected topics and provide a basis for future dialog.
  • Financial Responsibilities: The Scholars Gild accepts contributions for support of our programs. Additional funding for support of our programming will be raised by the Gild by soliciting grants and charging admission to programs.


by Larry Strange: Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries over 200 Years in 4 minutes, a YouTube video from BBC.