June 2015 Scholars Gild Discussion

The History of Etiquette: Why we do what we do when it comes to the social graces

Tuesday, June 16

Buzz Ware Village Center

7:30 PM

Please join the Scholars Gild at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, June 16, where we will be joined by Ms. Lisa Strong Chase. Lisa will take us on a journey from the early customs of etiquette in the time of Erasmus, through King Louis XIV’s court, where the word etiquette actually originates, and a bit of time will be spent on our first President, George Washington, considered by many to be the father of etiquette and social graces in this country, as he wrote “Rules of Civility and Decent Behavior,” when he was a teenager, and how the social graces have changed over time.

While many people believe the social graces are passé and outdated, Lisa will use our journey to remind us that a daily practice of good intentions, kindness, opening doors for other people and showing signs of respect for other people are the basis of a good and decent society; otherwise, we would be hurtling faster into complete societal upheaval and chaos. Through audience interactive exercises, Lisa will open the group it the experience and opportunity for discussion of social graces for today.

Ms. Chase is a native of Tennessee, and grew up in Virginia, where she graduated from Hollins University, magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. After graduation, she moved to North Carolina, where she was a public relations professional and free-lance writer, and earned her MBA from the University of North Carolina – Greensboro. She spent 15 years working in North Carolina and in Virginia as a development and public relations professional prior to moving to Delaware in 2002.

Building on a curriculum on the importance of etiquette she developed, Lisa became a licensed Junior Cotillion Director through the National League of Junior Cotillions in 2005, and spent the next eight years teaching more than 800 elementary and middle-school aged children manners and the social graces, along with ballroom dance (strictly for middle schoolers). In this capacity, Lisa became an award-winning director through NLJC.

Today, Lisa is the youth coordinator and educator for the Presbyterian Church of Dover; and she works on with non-profits in the areas of capacity building, grant writing, and public relations. In her free time, Lisa enjoys being with her family and friends, cooking, gardening, ballroom dancing, Reiki practice and meditation.