National Conference for Georgist Organizations

Harrisburg: A Land Value Tax (LVT) Success Story

Mayor Stephen Reed introduced land value tax or LVT to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and credits it for playing a key role in Harrisburg’s recovery during his 28 years as mayor. Reed was defeated in 2009 by the current mayor, Linda Thompson who is also a supporter of the LVT. Both of them addressed the attendees at this year’s conference which was held in Harrisburg. They both expressed how impotrtant the land Value Tax was to their city’s recovery and told the Georgists in attendence to take the lead on educating America’s policy makers about this very effective economic solution for improving cities, creating jobs and  affordable housing, and making urban areas liveable again.

Also at this year’s conference: Arden’s Mike Curtis did a presentation on LVT, Higher Buildings, More Revenue, Increased Land Values

Mike presenting Land Rent Seminar at CGO Conference

Great News: Lindy Davies of the Henry George Institute announced that students of the Henry George School can now get credit for completing the three courses (which are taught worldwide and is available on the internet.) Now you can take the classes in Arden and get college credit for it!