Night In White

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Arden Night in White to benefit Arden Club Renovation Fund

Sat. July 11,2015   7-10pm    Raindate: Sunday, July 12, 2015


• Guests are to dress all in white.

• Everyone will meet and park at Gild Hall and walk to the “surprise location.”

• Guests bring their own all-white table décor, flowers, food, drink and serving ware. No hard spirits, please.

• Music and Dancing after Dinner (not live music.)

• Sparkler Send Off at end of event.

• Rectangular Tables for 8, chairs and basic white tablecloths will be provided. (There is no staging area or electric, you will need to store coolers, bins, etc. under your table.)

• Suggested minimum donation $25 per person or $150 per table of 8, get tickets here. The event is limited to 80 guests.

• Prizes will be awarded for best-decorated table and best-dressed guests.

• There will be a guest list, there is not a physical ticket for this event

You are encouraged to bring whatever you think necessary to enhance your table, such as centerpieces, flowers, goblets, candles, overlays, chair sashes, chargers, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to wear all white?

A. Night in White is modeled after “Diner En Blanc.” All-white attire and tables make for an unforgettable, luminous event unlike anything else. Please plan to wear all-white. High heels are discouraged. Bug Repellant is encouraged. Nothing lights up better at night, than white. Make sure you bring your camera!

Q. Can’t I drive to the “secret location?”

A. As is typical in Arden, there is very limited parking available. Handicapped parking will be available upon request upon arrival at Gild Hall on the night of the event. Part of the evening’s fun will be the walking “processional” of party guests making their way to the “secret destination.”

Q. What if I can’t be at Gild Hall by 7pm?

A. It’s important to be prompt as once the processional has left Gild Hall, the location of the destination goes with them. Please plan to be parked at Gild Hall and ready to walk by shortly before 7pm.

Q. What is a sparkler sendoff?

A. Longlife sparklers will be provided to each guest at the end of the night to signify the end of the event. They will all be a-glow at the same time offering you one last photo-op of the night.

Q. What alcohol is permitted?

A. Guests bring their own alcohol for those over age 21. Wine and Champagne are traditional, but beer is permitted. Hard Spirits are not permitted.

Q. Can I bring my children?

A. Older children, over age 15, are welcome with a parent, but this event is geared to adults.

Q. Can I bring candles for my table?

A. Yes! but please be sensible to the fact you will be outside. Open flames are discouraged unless protected by sconce, jar or other wind-barrier. Wind and wax can damage your table linens, too.

Q. Will this be an annual event?

A. No. This is a one-time party being hosted in Arden for the sole benefit of raising funds for Arden’s Gild Hall Kitchen Renovation Fund. 100% of donations from guests will go to this fund. So don’t miss out on a unique opportunity to celebrate and donate, both at the same time!