Scholars Gild Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Scholars Gild January 2015

The Scholars Gild has a very interesting discussion planned with a real life political consult coming up in January.  Our discussions are held 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of the month (except July and August) in the Bratten Room, lower Gild Hall. If you would like to receive email notifications and reminders, provide feedback, comments or make a suggestion for future topics, complete the form at the bottom of this blog.

Come join us for what is sure to be another informative and lively conversation!

Lower Gild Hall

Tuesday, January 20 @ 7:30 PM

Interested in American elections and/or the American electoral process? Come join us for a presentation and discussion led by Karl Agne, a professional political consultant, election analyst and board member of DE Common Cause. Karl has decades-long, direct and professional experience in this arena and is looking forward to the opportunity to share his knowledge and engage in conversation with all those who are in attendance!

Karl will discuss the recently concluded 2014 mid-term elections (a ‘post-mortem’) and the implications they have for the upcoming 2016 Presidential-year contest. In addition, he is open to a discussion on a wide range of electoral related topics, including the role of political consultants in elections.

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