Shakespeare Gild

“Diseases desperate grown, by desperate appliance are relieved. Or not at all.” W. Shakespeare

As usual, Shakespeare has a quote for every human condition. The Shakespeare Gild is taking his advice (and that of the DE Governor, CDC, WHO, and NIH) and canceling our June production “As You Like It”. The play had already been cast and was due to begin rehearsals in early April, but the uncertain course of the virus and its highly contagious nature must give us pause. The Gild hopes that this only a postponement and that we can all return to the stage when the coast is clear.

THE ARDEN SHAKESPEARE GILD continues a 100-year tradition of community Shakespeare in the historic village of Arden, Delaware. A member organization of the Arden Club, the gild is dedicated to including everyone with an interest in Shakespeare, both as audience and as a participant. The gild produces one of Shakespeare’s plays each summer in the open-air Frank Stephens Memorial Theater in Arden. Each winter our members direct a Young Actors Workshop for kids from age 6 through high school. The gild also sponsors lectures, readings and social activities throughout the year.

MONTHLY MEETINGS. The Arden Shakespeare Gild meets in the Gild Hall on the first Wednesday of each month (except June). Our business meeting at 7:30 is followed around 8pm by informal scenes. Newcomers are always welcome. The Gild Hall is located just south of Harvey Road at Orleans Road; our address is 2126 The Highway, Arden, Delaware 19810.

“…the spring, the summer,
The chilling autumn, angry winter, change
Their wonted liveries; and the mazed world
By their increase, now knows not which is which.”
                   — A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Stages in the Ardens

There are three stages in Arden, two of which are owned and managed by the Arden Club:

  • The Gild Hall Stage is the rain location for Shakespeare Gild productions. 
  •  The Moonlight Theater, adjacent to the Gild Hall, is a lovely venue for occasional Shakespeare events, concerts, and weddings. 
  •  The Field Theater is the outdoor site for Shakespeare Gild productions and other community events. The Field Theater was one of the first things “built” in Arden when it was founded in 1900. Even before building their houses, early Arden residents laid out this stage with a huge granite boulder as a backdrop so they could do Shakespeare. The stage and Shakespeare are still very much a part of everyday life in Arden!




2021 – 2022 GILD OFFICERS: Faith Whittington, Gildmistress • Mary Catherine Kelley, Assistant Gildmistress Tom Wheeler, Business Manager • Jan Westerhouse, Arden Club Liaison • Elaine Hickey, Secretary