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ASG's own Wm Shakespeare by Rhys McClure, 2010

ASG’s own Wm Shakespeare by Rhys McClure, 2010

THE ARDEN SHAKESPEARE GILD continues a 100-year tradition of community Shakespeare in the historic village of Arden, Delaware. A member organization of the Arden Club, the gild is dedicated to including everyone with an interest in Shakespeare, both as audience and as participant. The gild produces one of Shakespeare’s plays each summer in the open-air Frank Stephens Memorial Theater in Arden. Each winter our members direct a Young Actors Workshop for kids from age 6 through high school. The gild also sponsors lectures, readings and social activities throughout the year.

MONTHLY MEETINGS. The Arden Shakespeare Gild meets in the Gild Hall on the first Wednesday of each month (except June). Our business meeting at 7:30 is followed around 8pm by informal readings of sonnets and scenes. Newcomers are always welcome. The Gild Hall is located just south of Harvey Road at Orleans Road; our address is 2126 The Highway, Arden, Delaware 19810. You can leave us a message at (302) 475-3126.

THANK YOU to our vast and amazing CREW for making our production of Richard II possible. And thank you to all the volunteers who helped at the soda booth at the Arden Fair.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION about the long history of Shakespeare in Arden, the gild’s year-round activities, directions to the theater, reservations for our shows, bathrooms, bug spray, photos, and lots more, visit our website at

2013-14 GILD OFFICERS: Valerie Hutchinson, gildmistress • Laura Wallace, assistant gildmistress • Henry Porreca, business manager • Elaine Hickey, club liaison