Shakespeare Gild Videos

Enjoy a short film  clip and wonderful slide shows by Gild member and faithful videographer Pete Lounsbury, plus an interview of the late, great Betty Solway Smith. Watch for new videos and links on this page.

The Tempest, 2011  Video by Pete Lounsbury

As You Like It: the Arden play
The Arden Shakespeare Gild first performed As You Like It in 2000, in honor of the centennial of Arden, Delaware. The village was founded in 1900 by Frank Stephens and others who left Philadelphia seeking a simpler, more artistic and more just society. The play has always been a favorite in Arden. Indeed, the village takes its name from the play, and Touchstone’s line, “Ay, now am I in Arden, the more fool I” always gets a laugh of recognition from an Arden audience. The parallels between Frank Stephens and his Single Taxers, and Duke Senior and his exiles from court, are myriad. That is why the Arden Shakespeare Gild created its own artistic vision of the play, setting it in 1900 in our own Forest of Arden. The Gild decided to perform As You Like It every 10 years for as long as the Gild continues. Enjoy this wonderful slide show by Pete Lounsbury of our 2010 production. Note the artist smock worn by James Kassees as Duke Senior. It is a replica of the artist smock worn by Frank Stephens in his portrait that hangs in the Gild Hall.
As You Like It, 2010  Slide show by Pete Lounsbury

Macbeth, 2008  Slide show by Pete Lounsbury
imageWatch a WHYY special interview with Betty Solway Smith who talks about her passion for acting and her roles with the Arden Shakespeare Gild, as well as the Young Actors Workshop which she began in 1998.

The Taming of the Shrew, 2007  This short production below by Pete Lounsbury won first place in its category at the Delaware Photographic Society in April 2008.