FAQs (frequently asked questions about our summer shows)

“They’re welcome all; let ’em have kind admittance”  Timon of Athens
All tickets are $12 general seating; $10 for Arden Club members, seniors & students; and $5 for children age 12 and under. All tickets for the 2 pm Sunday performance are $5. Reservations open May 15. For reservations call (302) 475-3126/mailbox #4 or email Ardenshakespearetix@gmail.com. More details about making reservations are on the RESERVATIONS PAGE. Reserved seating is for the convenience of our audience; we don’t charge extra for it, and there is no difference in price for bench or ground seating. With our ticket prices kept to a minimum, we do not have additional discounts for groups. The only discounted tickets we offer are for members of the Arden Club, seniors and students. Membership is open to the public and includes discounts to other club events, including concerts and other theater events. Information about joining the club is available HERE and brochures are available at all our performances.

Running time of our shows vary, but you can usually expect an hour and 20 minutes to an hour and a half from the start of the show to intermission, a 15-minute intermission, followed by the second half of the performance, somewhat shorter than the first half.

Please contact us if  you need special seating of some sort (wheel chair access, hearing impaired, etc.). We will be happy to accommodate you.

“..those who stand so much on the new form, that they cannot at ease on the old bench?  O, their bones, their bones!”  Romeo and Juliet
We have room for 102 on our wooden benches. So we take reservations for 102 people for each performance. There are no assigned seats, and seats are filled as people arrive. If you reserve a seat, your ticket will say “bench seating” and will allow you to find an available seat on the benches. We hold reservations until 7:15. After that, your reservation will be considered a “no show” and your seats may be sold to people who are waiting. Our benches have backs, but they are still wooden benches. You will be a lot more comfortable if you bring seat cushions or back cushions.

“Stand, stand! We have the advantage of the ground!”  Cymbeline
Any bench seating that has not been reserved by 6pm on the night of the show will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis. Otherwise, “groundling” seating is always available without a reservation. Groundling seating is just what it sounds like – space on the ground in front of the benches, closer to the stage. You are welcome to bring a blanket, cushions, or low beach chairs to sit on. There is room for many people to sit comfortably in our “groundling” area, but there is not room to spread out, picnic-like. So don’t plan on claiming a large piece of ground for yourself with a big blanket. Because of the design of the theater, regular-height folding chairs are not suitable in the groundling area because you will block other audience members. If you would like sit on a regular-height folding chair, you will be asked to put it at the back of the audience, near the street. This is still close to the action, and you can get a good view from behind the benches.

“All places yield to him ere he sits down.”  Coriolanus
We have a few places in the theater that are suitable for parking a wheelchair. We are also happy to save a front-row seat for hard-of-hearing or visually impaired audience members and people accompanying them. You can contact us ahead of time to request special seating, and we will reserve and mark specific seating for you. Call the reservation line at (302) 475-3126 /mailbox #4, email us at Ardenshakespearetix@gmail.com.

“A potty! A potty! My kingdom for a potty!” A crude misinterpretation from Richard III
At the outdoor Field Theater, we have porta-potties for our audience. They are handicapped-accessible, but are located behind the stage and down a gravel driveway. They require a small step up to enter them. Parking is in an open field, Arden’s Village Green. Passengers and wheelchairs may be discharged directly in front of the theater before your vehicle is parked on the Green.

“Here’s neither bush nor shrub, to bear off any weather at all, and another storm brewing.”  The Tempest 
In the event of foul weather, we move our performances to the Gild Hall, which is located on the other side of Harvey Road, around 2 blocks from the outdoor Field Theater (a.k.a, Frank Stephens Memorial Theater). We move to the hall only if we have to, sometimes (but not often) in the middle of a performance. There is seating for 250 at the Gild Hall, so space is not a problem. All seats are general seating at the Gild Hall.

“Here, said they, is the terror of the French, The scarecrow that affrights our children so.” Henry VI
We encourage young people to see Shakespeare in performance. We stress clear, understandable delivery of Shakespeare’s language. Often children have less problem adapting to Shakespeare’s language than adults do. However, we do not alter the plays for younger audiences, and plays containing murder (Macbeth, Othello, Richard III) will still contain murder. Our 2008 production of Macbeth included the murder of Macduff’s family, with Lady Macduff murdered offstage, but her young son murdered onstage. It is a brutal act, even (as we did it) without blood effects. Lear includes graphic violence. So you have to judge for yourself whether a particular production is suitable for your child and at what age. It’s a good idea to become familiar with the play ahead of time, either by watching a movie version or reading an adaptation of the story. That’s good advice for adults, too. 

“Those are they that most are willing.”  Coriolanus
As long as you are able and willing to sit on the ground or take your chances at getting an unclaimed bench seat, there is room for you!

“I like this place, And willingly could waste my time in it.”  As You Like It
For MapQuest or Google Maps use this address for the outdoor theater: 2310 Woodland Lane, Arden, DE 19810.  Address for the Gild Hall is 2126 The Highway, Arden, DE 19810.

“Prepare for mirth, for mirth becomes a feast.”  Pericles
For reservations (starting May 15) call (302) 475-3126/mailbox #4 or email Ardenshakespearetix@gmail.com. Details about making a reservation are on our RESERVATIONS PAGE.