A Taste February Scholars Gild Program

What’s on the Menu?

Tuesday, February 17

Bratten Room in Lower Gild Hall

7:30 PM

Please make a reservation to attend the next Scholars Gild as we welcome Henry Voigt to our February 17 discussion entitled “What’s on the Menu?”

After a successful 38-year career with DuPont, Henry Voigt has focused his attention on historic American menus, gathering “one of the most significant private collections” in the country, according to Gastronomica magazine in 2005. “Menus,” says Henry “aid our cultural memory—they provide unwitting historical evidence not only of what people were eating, but what they were doing and with whom they were doing it, who they were trying to be and what they valued.” His blog, www.TheAmericanMenu.com, contains a treasure trove of illustrated information about the history of the United States since the early 1840s, as reflected by menus from restaurants, hotels, military units, steamships and trains. Some were beautifully crafted by leading stationers to celebrate special events. Others simply express the whimsy of everyday life. Drawing upon his incomparable collection, his presentation titled “What’s on the Menu?” will show what these improbable survivors can teach us about our history and social customs.

The Scholars Gild discussions are held at 7:30 PM on the third Tuesday of the month (except July and August) in the Bratten Room, lower Gild Hall. If you would like to receive email notifications and reminders, contact the Scholars Gild at ArdenScholarsGild@gmail.com.  Title your email “Scholars Gild Request” and include your name, comments, and request in the body of the email.