The 114th Arden Fair - September 3rd, 2020

10:00 AM - 6:00 PM -- Rain or Shine

The 2021 Arden Fair was a big success!

Here’s a list of all the incredible people that helped make the Fair come alive! if we missed anyone we are very sorry but we greatly appreciate your help.

The Organizers: Pat Toman (Fair Chair, hoping to retire,) John DiGiacomo (Construction,) Ed-mond Bischoff (Food Court,) Terry Harvey (Facilities/Security,) David Reece (Parking,) George Brocklesby (Facilities,) Allan Kleban (Shady Grove Music,) Alison Wakelin (Finance,) Katrina Nelson (Arts and Crafts Vendors,) Larry Walker and Rob Stigler (Electricity,) Greg and Randy Hoopes (Announcers,) Barbara Conway (Gardener’s Gild Plant Booth,) Sharon Kleban (Folk Gild Beverages,) Laura Wallace (Shakespeare Gild Beverages /Food Court, and Library Gild Book Sales,) Megan King (Face painting,) Sue Hudson (Children’s Games,) John Trexler and Jim Smith (Ardensinger’s Beer and Wine,) Linda Celestian (Art Gallery and T-Shirts,) Linda Toman (Banners and TShirts,) Frank Jost (Signage,) Jill Coghlan (Library Gild Book Sales,) Lynda Kolski and Mary Marconi (Antiques Market,) Jennifer Curley (Rides,) Jan Westerhouse (Information Booth,) Pat Morrison (Volunteers,) Ron Meick (Publicity,) Maddie Rogers (Swim Gild.)

Many other volunteers helped with setup, tear down and multiple shifts at various Club
activities so that the Fair was well covered throughout the day:
Barbara Macklem, Moses Bembry, Polly Brown, Marianne Cinaglia, Lisa Mullinax, Roberta Perkins, Debbie Ricard, Elizabeth Varley, David Nordheimer, Denise Nordheimer, Elise Kidd, Tammy Steele, Cheryl Anderson, Carol Cown, Peter Slattery, Sally O’Byrne, John Terniaks, Paul Romagno, Rob Matera, Ron Ozer, AJ Lipstein, Jean Mullin, Kathleen Jost, Elizabeth Bean, Hans Francke, Uttam Shanbhag, Tom Smitham, Lillian Smitham, Karen Ames, Ronni Yaskin, Tom Wheeler, Heidi Hoegger, Chris Day, Joey Finocchiaro, Larry Wheeler, Eliot Levin, Vered Nohi,
Sue Benigni, Steve Benigni, David DeGarmo, Petra DeLuca, Ira Dicker, Felicia Gaus-Woolen, Lynda Gillow, Beverly Bizup Hawkins, Brett Heller, Jen Heller, Leslie Leach, Ken Mamarella,
Ellie McCreavy, Cynthia Moore, Dave Hutchison, Breonna, Elaine Hickey, Mary Catherine Kelley, Faith Whittington, Melissa Wellington, Melanie Murray, Kelly Gillen, Greg Wright,
Janna Scheflen, Michelle Lauer, Toby Lauer, Scott Kushner, Jackson Vernon, Alex Price, Dink Pompper, Jennifer Borders, Katey Bryan, Delia Bryan, Annie Gutsche, Oliver Gutsche, Maile
Gutsche, Steve Curley, Susan Stith, Bob Stith, Ron Meick, Ellen Dolmetsch, Michael Wood, Linda Wood, Joe Grippe, Robin Laskey Chipman, George Pernicone, Terry Lipstein, Tom Senior,
Jack DiGiacomo, Ian Stevenson, Ken Morrison, Stuart Craig, Mhairie Craig, Ken Rosenberg, Lorna Lee, Nancy Plerhoples, George Plerhoples, Beka Byer, Jill Emery, Daniel Emery,
Cindy Cohen, Ru Ping Wang, Hajni Halasz, Elaine Schmerling, Shana Pinter, Frank Vincent, Ellie Hansen, Bob Erenburg, Dorinda Dove, Jason Kleban, Olivia Haas, Lorraine Cohn, Jenny
Brown, Jim Laurino, Susan Jonas, Faith Kuehn, Shelley Robyn, Joann Colameco, Grace Ressler, Shari Phalan, Pat Phalan, Marcia Scheflen, Sara Coburn, Chris Coburn, Debbie Ricard,
Mary Young, John Grenda, Stepehen Johnson, Warren Butt, Kaeley Ferguson, Tyler Wimberly, Pete Compo, Joe Achenbaum, John Cartier, Ray Seigfried, Brian Piane, James Carey, Line
Farr, Carol Larson, Mary Vernon, Brie Bittenbender, Evan Bittenbender, Claire Consavage, Gerry Konzelmann, David Coomber, Dona Zingaro, Priscilla Cherrin, Jennifer Borders, Ben
Gruswitz, Abigail Gruswitz, Sam Jordan, Pam Politis, Jill Moncarz, Jennifer Abernathy, Lisa Surbrook, Elizabeth Bowers, Brett Friedkin, Madeline Rogers, Jackson Rogers, Xander Rogers,
Christopher Burslem, Mikayla Burslem, Keri Will-del Tufo, Alex Will-del Tufo, Scout WilldelTufo, Melinda Hayflinger, Nicole Iacuzio, Sam Huckleberry, Brigid Brewster, Fitzy Groves,
Rory Donovan, Mary B., Emily Moore, Jamie O’Neill, Cate Bryson, Rachel Logowski, Lynn Miller, Seth Plymyer, Laura Cronk, Ginger March, Hunter Clarke-Fields, Karyn Erickson,
Christian Toman, Alyson Grammo, Joe Painter, Lee Painter, Janet Williams, Eliot Levin, Elizabeth Bowers, Brett Friedkin, Simon Hammermesh, Dan Emery, Dale Tatom, Rachel
Brown, Emilie Sipe, Jacqui Stevenson, Al Irizarry, Brian Burslem, Brea Burslem, Ciera Burslem, Emme Burslem, Amber Klements, Clare Melhem, Ava Buckalew, Brian Stanko, Maureen Stanko, Elliot Stanko, Oliver Stanko, Chris Burslem

With special thanks to:
The great bands providing music throughout the day in the Shady Grove: The Diamond State Concert Band, Hot Breakfast, Splashing Pearls, Rag Tag Ensemble, Free Radical Groove, The Blues Reincarnation Project, and Montana Wildaxe.

Phillip “Dante” Meick for his donation of the 2021 Arden Fair T shirt design.

AJ Stalloni’s art exhibition in the Gallery.

Thanks to everyone that came to the Fair, the Arden Club hopes you had a great time and we’ll see you next year.

Special thanks to the Hanby YMCA Outdoor Center!
The Arden Club wishes to give a special thanks to the folks at the Hanby Brandywine YMCA Outdoor Center for giving us permission to use their facilities for Fair parking.

Come back here in the Spring of 2022 for updates on our 114th Annual Arden Fair. Until then, check back to see what else is happening at the Gild Hall and the Arden Club.

As promised, we will be updating this Arden Fair page periodically with updates. Information about the 114th Arden Fair, the events, parking, Shady Grove musical line-ups, etc. will be coming soon, promise.

Hello Craft Vendors!
We are going online for applications this year!  If you would like to be a vendor, please click on this link and complete the Google Form by June 1st. Applications will be promptly reviewed and decisions communicated by July 1st.  If accepted, you will be provided instructions on remittance (which must be received by July 15th).

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