Shakespeare Gild Patrons – 2022/2023

Order of the Globe
Forney Family Foundation
Greg & Judy Tigani

Order of the Bard

Henry Porreca & Valerie Hutchinson-Porreca

Order of the Ardenite
Reita Bewley
Tim & Katie Donovan
Mary Catherine & Kevin Kelley
Jan Westerhouse & Tom Wheeler

Order of the Sonnets
Elaine Hickey
Faith Whittington

Order of the Friends
Peter Lounsbury

Arden Shakespeare Gild Patrons are our staunchest supporters.

Thanks to them, we have installed permanent outdoor LED color changer lights, upgraded the electrical system, purchased walkie-talkies for backstage communications, and provided costume and makeup elements that are used in all of our shows.

Like to become a Patron? Send your contribution to Jan Westerhouse at 2205 Little Lane, Wilmington 19810. Make your checks payable to the Arden Shakespeare Gild

Thank you, Patrons! The Shakespeare Gild salutes you with a standing ovation!