Dinner Gild

Thank you everyone!

Our 23/24 season will begin on October 14th. Menus will be available in the Club Calendar, The Arden Page, The Arden Dinner Gild Facebook Group, and on Ardenistas.
A few changes coming this season include:

  • We will offer a prepaid season pass. Season passes will be discounted and must be purchased in advance of, or, at the first dinner. If you do not want to purchase a season pass you will be able to make reservations week by week. More details to come.
  • In order to keep up with rising food costs our price per dinner will be $15 for members and $20 for non-members. We now invite you to come up for seconds at no extra charge.
  • Children 12 and under will continue to eat for free! If this price increase will prohibit you from coming to dinner please reach out to us at adgresevations@gmail.com. Additionally, if you have friends or neighbors who would like to come but can not afford it please have them reach out to us and we will work with them. We want to make this marvelous community dining experience available as widely as possible.
  • A children’s meal option will be available upon request (more details to come on that). If your kids have ideas or suggestions for what they would enjoy please email Gerry at gkhl@comcast.net.
  • Please do not bring containers from home for takeout. We will no longer be packaging food in your containers. We will be using cardboard containers exclusively.
  • Please be aware that bringing food to be shared is not permitted. If you need to bring a personal meal for dietary reasons that is an exception. Food from home or other restaurants cannot be brought in and served at Gild Hall dinners.
  • Vegetarians, we are asking our lead cooks to put some extra effort and consideration into the meatless main course option! We now have consultants available for lead cooks who might not be familiar with vegetarian cooking.

We are scheduling cooks for the dinner season now!  To sign up please reach out ASAP to get your date scheduled email us at: adgreservations@gmail.com. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to ask!

Please reach out if you are interested in cooking or volunteering. Write to us at adgreservations@gmail.com

Jen and Keri
Gild Leaders

Coming up...

Remember that kids 12 and under eat for free for the rest of the season! We'd love to see more families and kids, please join us!

Please email us at adgreservations@gmail.com to reserve your spots by the Sunday before (we often have flexibility with that, so you can always ask if you forget by that Sunday)

Last Dinner of the Season!
May 13th
- Gerry Konzelmann will bring back the Burger Dinner with the Buzz Ware Bookies for our final dinner of the season: Gourmet Burgers (beef or impossible) with lots of toppings, Tater Tots, Corn on the Cob, Watermelon Feta Salad, with Strawberry Shortcake for dessert.

Prices, Reservations, and Take-Outs
Prices: Non-member $15, Member $12, Child $7 Doors open at 5:15, and dinner is served at 6:00 pm.
Reservations: Reservations must be made by 6 pm the Sunday before each dinner. We strongly prefer email reservations for accuracy and expediency! If you do not receive an email confirmation you do not have a reservation. Please email  adgreservations@gmail.com or call 302-792-7139. Vegetarian meals must be reserved in advance. Please also let us know if your meal will be takeout.

Takeouts: Going forward we will start serving takeout at 6:20. Because we have so many meals take-out we will make it easier for all involved and enable those hoping to enjoy dinner with neighbors to do so.

Please Note: If you are feeling under the weather in any way please be cautious and consider takeout or cancel your reservation (with no penalty)**

Please text Keri (302-584-5284) or Jen (302-290-7572) if you can't make it to the dinner and it's after 3:00 that day.  If we can't fill your spot, we ask that you please consider paying for the dinner.

Dinner Reservations are closed at 6 pm the Sunday before the dinner


Please let us know if you are interested in leading a dinner, and if you are interested in doing any kind of volunteering at the dinners or with the Dinner Gild.
Write to us at adgreservations@gmail.com or call 302-792-7139

The Dinner Gild contributes to the strong sense of community among the residents of The Ardens, members of the Arden Club, and their guests, by providing opportunities to share wholesome, inexpensive meals in a neighborhood environment.  Bringing together our love of the arts, food, music, and most importantly, friendship.

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