December 20th, at 7:30 PM, in the Gild Hall

Year-End Party!

The Gardeners Gild will have an end-of-year party on December 20th, during our monthly meeting. There will be food and refreshments, and we'll talk about our activity and schedule for the next year. Details to follow on our Facebook page and via emails.

Our January 17 meeting will be a hands-on "winter sowing" activity led by Susan Stith. We will sow seeds in specially prepared plastic gallon jugs which become little greenhouses that are placed outside in January. Seeds germinate when the soil temperature is right, then continue to grow almost unaided until time to plant in the ground. Cold stratification takes place automatically in the jug. Soil, jugs, and native perennial seeds will be provided. Participants will leave with at least one jug all planted! Bring your own seeds - annual or perennial- if you wish, or want to share. Also helpful would be an Exacto knife if you have one. (We will have some too.)
See the "Winter Sowers" Facebook page if you're too curious to wait to learn more.

Flower Arrangement Assests

The Gardeners Gild is for those interested in all aspects of gardening. Activities include gardening lectures, field trips to interesting gardens, exchanging plants and gardening information, and tending to the community plantings.

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