Group Visit to Mt. Cuba
May 14th  -- 10:00 AM

The Gardeners Gild is organizing a group visit to Mt Cuba, to attend their Garden Enthusiast Tour. The participants will take an in-depth look at the gardens during a guided tour. We will learn how to contribute to ecological transformation in our own community through sustainable gardening practices, and how to consciously source native plants for our region.

The tour is two hours in length, and includes walking over rolling terrain and mulched paths. Tickets include admission, so we have the option to enjoy the gardens after our tour has ended.
This outing will take place on May 14th, from 10 AM. There is a limited number of free tickets available.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to Hajni Halasz at

Our April meeting featured Sarah Bouboulis, the Habitat Projector Coordinator for the Partnership for the Del-aware Estuary (PDE), she shared her expertise in developing rain gardens: choosing a site, achieving the right balance between saturation and drainage, other important requirements, and of course, choosing the right plants with an emphasis on natives. If you missed it, here is a PDF version of her PowerPoint slide presentation.

During our brainstorming last month, we talked about garden photography; that discussion led to this idea: Let’s embark on “A Year In Our Gardens” journey with our fellow GG members!

Snap a picture of your garden each month of 2022, and put them aside in a folder. At the end of the year, we’ll collect these digital albums with the 12 snapshots of each garden, and find a way to share the pictures. 

It would be lovely to see what we find “camera-worthy”  in our gardens as the months roll by; you could take a picture of the same spot or tree or shrub each month, creating a kind-of time-lapse series, or highlight all your “flavor of the month” favorites, or show what happens to be blooming in your flower beds. Or you could capture the wildlife visiting your garden throughout the year, or choose a color-theme and follow that… No limitations, just free-style documentation of the beauty of our gardens, to be shared with each other!

Best regards, 
Hajni Halasz

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