November 21st - 7:30 PM

For our November meeting - Nov 21st, 7:30PM at the Gild Hall - we will have another hands-on centerpiece-making adventure. Last year, Betty O'Regan led a phenomenal workshop on this subject; it was lots of fun, and we took home some magnificent floral creations, to grace our homes for the holidays.

This year we will be on our own; using the principles taught last year, we can test how much we learned and retained. Flowers and plant materials, and some containers will be provided, but it would be great if participants could bring a container to use for their centerpiece, and some materials to share (interesting seed pods, evergreen branches, twigs, fresh or dried flowers, cones, etc). Also, please bring your clippers!

It is very important to RSVP to if you plan on attending, so we could gauge the amount of materials needed. Refreshment contributions are being coordinated by Susan Stith; please let her know if you are bringing snacks/drinks to share. (

Best regards, 
Hajni Halasz

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