Arden Club Stories: A Listening Project

Sponsored by the Arden Club Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Truth-Telling

The Ad Hoc Committee on Racial Truth-Telling (CRTT) was formed by the Arden Club Board in the spring of 2023 to respond to some concerns about several incidents (read more here) that occurred at the Club over the years.  It seemed like time to figure out what had happened in the past and how to make the Club and its Gilds a more welcoming environment for the future.  We really do want all to feel the "You are Welcome Hither" spirit that the Ardens have been well known for.

Arden Club Stories: A Listening Project was developed by the CRTT to gather information and insights through listening to stories from the community-- from all of you!   Those stories will guide us in formulating an approach to past concerns and help us to create guidelines for a positive future.

What comes next?
Through the Arden Club Stories Listening Project, interviews, a questionnaire, and research into the archives, we hope to put together a better understanding of what role the Club has played in racism or racial insensitivity.  The CRTT will draft a plan to address any issues found and provide recommendations to the Arden Club board for the future.

Let us know what you think!