Welcome to the Arden Club

 Act, sing, cook, dance, garden, read, listen, swim, play, and think deeply

The Arden Fair Was a Great Success!

A huge thank you to all that came to the 112th Arden Fair! The weather was perfect, the food, craft vendors, music, dance performances, children’s games and rides, and so much more were enjoyed by over 7,500 visitors. And a special thanks to the small army of volunteers (100+) that work long hours to make it all happen, we couldn’t do it without you.

The Arden Fair marks the end of the summer but also signals that a new season of the Arden Club activities is about to kick off. Dinners, dances, concerts, lectures, and many more activities are available for your enjoyment. Come back often for news of the going’s on and consider becoming a member of the Arden Club.

Thank you one and all for making the Arden Fair and the Arden Club a vibrant part of the community.


The Arden Gild Hall is located just north of Wilmington, Delaware in the utopian Arts and Crafts, Single-Tax, Garden-City community of Arden, Delaware.

The Arden Club, Inc. is the cultural umbrella group for many Gilds in the three Ardens: The Village of Arden, Ardentown, and Ardencroft, and the regional community. Most activities take place in Gild Hall, which dates back to 1850 when it was used as a barn for the Grubb family farm. It was substantially renovated in 1910 as the Gild Hall and and has served as the center for dinners, concerts, theatrical performances and community gatherings.  The Gild Hall is available on a limited basis for private parties, weddings, and meetings. The grassy amphitheater of the Moonlight Theater sits to one side of Gild Hall, and the Swim Gild’s swimming pool sits behind Gild Hall.

Isn’t “Gild” Misspelled?

About the time Arden was founded as a community, one of the utopian ideas embraced by many of the founders was the idea that words should be spelled the way they sound. So “through” is spelled “thru” and “guild” is spelled “gild.” This improvement to spelling was prevalent across America and was promoted by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Simplified Spelling Board, and others.

The Arden Club, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization open to all.