Gardeners Gild

Gardeners Gild, Arden, DelawareThe Gardeners Gild
is for those interested in all aspects of gardening. Activities include gardening lectures, field trips to interesting gardens, exchanging plants and gardening information, and tending to the community plantings.



On October 21, our Gardeners Gild will again welcome Tom Borkowski who will assist us with potting bulbs at 7:00 PM.  

If you didn’t order bulbs with us, you can still join in!  Simply bring your pot (to plant them in) and your own bulbs!

We plan to supply dirt and small stones …

AT 7:30, Betty O’Regan will present A Brief Overview of Floral Design, a talk, and workshop.  Her topics will include:

  • Betty’s philosophy about foraging, buying and/or using local vs. hothouse flowers
  • Design basics (color, focal point, balance, variety, unity)
  • Proper preparation and care of flowers for longer life
  • ·Containers and tricks to hold flowers in place

And a make-your-own flower arrangement workshop!  For that, please bring a medium-sized container of any kind. Some flowers will be supplied but please contribute something that you have found in your garden, a friend’s yard (with permission, of course), or on the roadside, to share with the group. Think:  dried grasses, twigs or branches, pods, and greenery. Lots of one specimen or a variety that you find interesting. Everything works!

  • Also, please bring clippers, shears, and/or strong scissors.
  • Finally, think about carrying all your stuff out after our meeting.  If you have a wagon, cart, or wheelbarrow, you can probably use it!

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