Gardeners Gild

The Gardeners Gild
is for those interested in all aspects of gardening. Activities include gardening lectures, field trips to interesting gardens, exchanging plants and gardening information, and tending to the community plantings.


Just to let you know, last night’s Zoom presentation was outstanding!  Elaine Schmerling detailed the history of both the Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) invasion and the SLF Task Force’s activities, including their newly-designed capture nets and the results they have been experiencing so far.  She outlined how there has been great cooperation for the  Task Force (a GG adoptee) not only among the team but also many residents of all three Ardens.  She declined to mention many of the accolades the Task Force has received, thanks to her leading role here, working so hard for us.  Many thanks, Elaine!
Perhaps you’d like to take a walk with Elaine and others on Sunday, November 22, at 1:00PM:   We’ll meet at the Candlelight Theater to learn how to see, find and remove SLF egg masses, an activity that we all can do between now and next spring.  Adults, teens and even small children are invited to participate!  Hint, you may want to bring an old credit card, which makes a great SLF egg-scraping tool, and a plastic bag or wide-mouth jar.  You’re going to be amazed at how many SLF egg masses there are, everywhere!
Another adventure is to show up at our Gild Hall on this coming Saturday, November 21 at 11AM, when members of the Arden Club Grounds Committee will be planting one or more new trees.  You can watch, learn, and possibly help as they plant larger-sized trees around the Hall grounds.  Again, everyone is invited.  
I do hope you’ll also plan to attend our December GG meeting as we hear about and see a variety of flower-inspired artworks from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It will be on December 14 (unusual, because it’s the second Monday!) at 7:30 PM, again on Zoom.  I’ll send you the meeting info that week, so be on the lookout!  It is designed for the whole family.
I hope you’ll attend one or more of these inspiring events, and mention them to your neighbors.
All the best, as always,
Jeana Carey
Current Gardeners GildMistress

Please check our FaceBook page, Arden Club Gardeners Gild, where anyone can post interesting articles and other stuff for those who have an interest in gardens and/or Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) adventures and community efforts. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date!

Please practice all good health safety practices and stay healthy!

Your Gardeners Gild is back in business for 2020, and we’ll be offering some great presentations this year!   
 Please plan to join us, third Mondays in the Lower Gild Hall, 7:30PM. FB page: Arden Club Gardeners Gild
And where would you like us to visit?  Currently, we have Chanticleer on our list, and Bartram’s Garden (both in Pennsylvania), and we can add others, even farther away.  Be creative!  
We are also beginning to think about ongoing GG responsibilities.  Would you be interested in leading or helping to lead our group, or arranging refreshments, programs, or offering other assistance, this year or next?  There is clearly such great talent among you, and I’d love to hear from you if you have any interest.  I really believe our Gardeners Gild will be just as strong as our members are active!
All the best, as always,
Jeana Carey
Gardeners GildMistress

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