Gardeners Gild

The Gardeners Gild
is for those interested in all aspects of gardening. Activities include gardening lectures, field trips to interesting gardens, exchanging plants and gardening information, and tending to the community plantings.

THE SLF TASK FORCE has been extremely active, putting up many, many of the latest versions of our traps, and producing popular, “how-to” videos on YouTube. And they recently won an AWARD! Congratulations to Elaine Schmerling and the many volunteers who have worked with her! For the past two years, Elaine has headed this active and essential group, recently awarded the Exemplary Partnership Award

The Arden’s Community Based Spotted Lantern Fly Control Project –  “This award is presented to a group working in Delaware that demonstrates an outstanding partnership in the environmental field that serves as a model and inspiration to others. The Arden’s Community Based Spotted Lantern Fly Control Project is a multigenerational, community-based Citizen Science project focusing on the development of a core group of residents skilled in applying Integrated Pest Management methods to address the SLF infestation in wooded areas of the Ardens.”


Gardeners Gild membership will participate in the Ardens Community Wildlife Habitat Certification celebration in July, helping to plan events and communications. So far, we have contributed the cost of the event posters made by Jill Althouse- Wood, who orchestrates the Wildlife Habitat program for everyone in the Ardens! Stay tuned for news from the Forest committee and Jill.

GG members and friends are invited to our GG Garden Party on June 21, in lieu of our June meeting. It will be held in Jeana Carey’s garden, on Monday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 on June 21. Everyone is asked to wear a hat or a tie, or both, appropriate to the Garden Party theme! And you’re welcome to bring a no-utensil delicacy and/or treat! RSVP Jeana.

Everyone is invited to join our GG group! If you want to be put on the emailing list, please contact Hajni Halasz. We are also on FB, “Arden Club Gardeners Gild”

We meet on the third Monday of the month, at 7:30PM, currently via Zoom. Our meetings and activities are open to all!
If you would like more information, please contact:

Hajni Halasz / Lee Painter
Gardeners Gild Mistresses

Please check our FaceBook page, Arden Club Gardeners Gild, where anyone can post interesting articles and other stuff for those who have an interest in gardens and/or Spotted Lantern Fly (SLF) adventures and community efforts. We’ll try to keep you up-to-date!

Please practice all good health safety practices and stay healthy!

NEW GILD LEADERSHIP: Please let us know how you can help us on a year-round basis: we’re looking for people who like working with finances, writing emails, and planning meetings. If we continue to expect one person to do all the work, they will burn out, so we want to build a leadership structure that shares the tasks among three or four people.
All the best, as always,
Jeana Carey
Gardeners GildMistress

For more information, please contact